Consultancy for the clients along the creative process by developing concepts, scripts and storyboards to meet, and exceed, their expectations. To help the client visualise the concept, providing comprehensive treatment documents, together with reference images, mood films and detailed explanations.


- Script Development

With the consultancy of copywriters who can describe what the client wants to say in their film.

- Storyboarding

The first stage in the pre-production pipeline where the client gets a feel for what the film is going to look like. Providing fully visualised concepts and map out the structure of the project.

- Pre-Visualisation and Animatics

Pre-visualisation and animatics incorporate wireframe visual effects and CGIs to the animated storyboard by confirming the shots, camera angles and timings to ensure the production process goes without any problems by giving a comprehensive idea of what to expect in the final film.


- Location Scouting & Permissions

Finding the perfect location for the shoot, and establishing the ideal location, with the relevant location permissions and administration forms and billing.

- Equipment Rental

Assisting in hiring the best/affordable filming equipment in the UK. 

- Scheduling

Scheduling the production.

- Crew and Cast Recruitment

Hiring reliable filming crew and sourcing actors by providing headshot references and casting showreels.




Live-Action & Event Filming:

- Special/Private Events Filming

Birthday, Wedding, Party, Concert, Festivals, Openings, Ceremonies, Conferences


Corporate Video:

- Marketing Filming

Online content that has some sort of sales or marketing focus, Product Marketing Videos, Explainer Videos that feature illustrated graphics/characters, a voiceover, Brand Videos that capture the essence of the brand through visual storytelling, Infographic Videos that relays some data in an engaging, story-driven manner, Internal Communication, Presentational, Training, Campaign, Interview and Promotional Videos.


Film Production:

- Short Film/Documentary

Short film/documentary making for personal use, companies, channels, agencies and organizations to tell their stories and connect with their audiences. It includes the process of think up, storyboard, write, shoot, animate and produce.

- Music Video

Narrative, Lyric, VFX, Green Screen, Animation, Performance or Behind the scenes Music Video production.




By working with the director and the producer, ensuring the structure, narrative, pace and mood of the film matches the original brief and delivering the final product in any format or resolution.

- Compositing

By using industry-standard Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, compositing the project where all the elements come together to produce the final product.

- Video Encoding

Delivering the final film in the right format and resolution.

- Colour Grading

Achieving the right colour contrast by enhancing or adjusting the colours and tones to produce broadcast standard films.