Filmmaker/Music Producer

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Zag Erlat (aka ZAGOR) is an Istanbul born Turkish filmmaker, music producer, founder of Curious Box Production House, Trap Podcast music label & blog.  

After graduating from the Visual Communication and Design program at Istanbul Bilgi University, he decided to focus on his filmmaking career by attending the London Film School. He completed his master degree with his graduation film project called "Hazal".


As a music producer on the other hand, In 2016 he produced 4 tracks for the YouTube star KSI’s second and third album (Keep Up, 2016 & Jump Around EP, 2016). He directed the KSI music video ("KILIMANJARO"). One of his musical collaborations with KSI called “Encore” is used at the end credits of the Netflix Serie “Power” (S03, Ep05). In May 2017 Hollywood motion picture "Baywatch" used Zagor's record called "Touch Down" (KSI-Jump Around EP 2016) on the original soundtrack album. He is still producing music for KSI (UK), Lunar C (UK), Kelvyn (DE), Shaqdi (SE) and many other artists around the world.

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